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We love and thrive on solving your web development and other digital marketing challenges. Just like eagles don’t fear the storms, we, too, fly the highest when marketing storms arise.
Do you feel like competition is about to swallow your small business? Is cutthroat competition just about to drown your enterprise? No need to worry because Toronto's leading website development company is here to partner with your small business to customize workable digital marketing and search engine optimization solutions.
Your journey starts with developing and designing a website with easy-to-use web pages that fits your digital strategy. Our tech and market-savvy digital agency listens carefully before creating beautiful websites. This balanced development process ensures that you don’t just get a high-tech site that looks nine, no. It also gives you a website that enables you to compete in your industry.

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The Industries Your Web Development Agency Serves

Different Toronto web design elements

Our Toronto web design solutions have served and continue to serve businesses across various industries for the last two decades. Our digital marketing services benefit clients across Toronto, the U.S., Asia, South America, and other parts of the world. Below are just a few of the sectors our development services benefit.

  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Blogging
  • Cannabis
  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Consultancy
  • Building and construction
  • Dental
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Fitness
  • Healthcare
  • HVAC
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Memberships
  • Non-for-Profit
  • Agriculture
  • Research and development
  • Real estate
  • Security
  • Social media
  • Tour and travel
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Your Preferred Website Design and Development Company in Toronto

Your preferred web design Toronto experts

As initially stated, relationships and collaboration are our core pillars. This universally acceptable fact guides us because eventually, we all do business with people. Thus, we develop and maintain lasting relationships that deliver mutual long-term benefits.

As Toronto's listening and bold web design team, we value your online marketing efforts. Therefore, our web design agency focuses on the most appropriate digital marketing services and solutions. We don't just want you to return to our business; instead, your web design company wants you to enjoy the best return on your investment.

We have a full in-house team of web designers and developers that ensures the entire website design process goes on smoothly. Our Toronto web designers and other digital marketing experts utilize the latest design and development tools that give you a competitive edge. Here, our web development teams harnesses web design, satisfactory user experience, and the latest technologies to accelerate your digital marketing efforts.

So, who can benefit from our web design and development solutions? Any business can because we serve startups, small businesses, and large corporations. Your choice website development firm in Toronto has a place for everyone to give them their deserved competitive edge in the marketplace. Yes, your preferred web development services provider is still big enough to solve the smallest business's online marketing challenges in a personalized manner.

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Why Choose 2Marketing
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Why Choose Toronto's Premier Digital Marketing Agency?

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A Proven Track Record

Your premier design company in Toronto has been here for over a decade. You can count on that time, mixed with our experience, to give our expert web designers a favorable track record before our customers. That's why our satisfied clients are our living web design portfolio that leaves us positive client testimonials and reviews.

No Hidden Charges

As a customer-centric web design Toronto company, we understand that money issues are challenging and can break business relationships. Our web design services have no hidden, surprise, or last-minute charges we impose on you. Our transparent billing system and culture guarantee that you only pay what we bill you.


Web design development is our core business. Thus, website design occupies most of our daily engagements and time. Continued focus on web design and development has perfected our expertise because practice makes perfect.

Zero Outsourcing

You can count on Toronto's premier digital marketing agency to do all your website design in-house. You won't face unnecessary delays because this or that subcontractor completed your website's given component late.
Unlike many web development agencies, our web design team comprises web designers, graphic designers, web content experts, and a project manager to guarantee a smooth website design process. Website owners are free to contact our project manager for timely updates on their web design process.

How Your Premier Web Design Company Works

Our process of getting you to the Net is as simple as 1,2,3! Just follow these simple steps to start enjoying our web design services.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Start your journey to successful digital marketing by calling us for a free consultation. The call enables us to discuss your marketing needs, set joint goals, and create the best strategy to implement the project. We will evaluate your requirements to understand the number of web pages you need and other search engine optimization elements. Our web designers and their web development counterparts will be better placed to customize a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our team will also use this moment to design other follow-up digital marketing campaigns to make your website more visible in search engines. Therefore, give our experienced and passionate team of web developers sufficient information to assist them customize a successful marketing strategy.

We Begin the Work

After jointly customizing winning digital strategies, our web design development team will use its technical skills to start working on your custom website. Whether it's a new website or old, it will make sure that the custom solution completes as per agreed-upon timelines and specifications. Remember, our team of software development, logo design, and other digital solutions experts will need your continued partnership. You will need to send in your suggestions after every milestone to keep us on the same page and ensure that your website fully meets your business requirements.

We Complete and Launch Your Site

Our team completes and launches your custom website on time.

Enjoy a Competitive Edge

Finally, your website goes live, and you begin enjoying a competitive edge by incorporating other digital marketing activities like paid ads and others to rank high in search engines. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions regarding our Toronto web design, e commerce development, SEO services, logo design, or other eCommerce solutions? Here are answers to some of the questions our customers ask our web design and development agency.

We don't have a specific price tag for web designs and building. We price our web designs based on your individual needs and the project's scope. Also, your website's complexity or simplicity determines its cost.

For example, the amount of time our graphic designer, web designer, or software development expert takes on your site will affect its cost. A website with five web pages will cost lesser than a complex site with tens of product pages.

Be sure to discuss your requirements clearly before we start working on your site to give you an accurate estimate for our web design services.

Averagely, we need somewhere between three and six weeks. However, the exact timeframe depends on your website's complexity. For instance, a simple website for a law firm will take a shorter period than a complex site designed to operate in the eCommerce industry and eCommerce platforms.

We live in an Internet-connected world. So, you don't need to live in Toronto or Canada to enjoy our web design services ranging from law firm to medical practice and all the way to complex eCommerce sites. You only need to email or call us to inform us about your web development needs, and we'll start from there.

Our web design and web development packages differ based on a site's nature, complexity, and purpose. For instance, a simple lawyer's website differs from a fully-integrated eCommerce site for an online outlet.

You don't need to worry about updates because you can update your site independently. Our web designers and web development experts teach all our clients how to access their sites' backends and make simple updates like uploading new images and content. However, we recommend you leave more complex updates to professionals—at a small monthly fee.

Yes. Our web design Toronto agency knows you live in a mobile-dominated world. That's why all our sites are mobile-first and work on various mobile devices.

We love your input in every way because we are building your website. Our team welcomes your feedback during the building process to give you a site you will own and be proud of. For instance, we don't mind you giving us a sample reference website.

We won't because we're web developers, and not a hosting company. You need to take care of that part yourself to access your website after migration. We can recommend reputable companies that can host and give you a domain name. Feel free to try SiteGround, Godaddy, or Bluehost. These recommended hosting companies are ideal for a big corporation, a dental clinic, or a small law firm.

Never worry because our web designers and web developers are always available to support you down the road. You may call or email our web design agency whenever you run into any difficulty. Our team of web designers in Toronto is available 24/7 to ensure you enjoy your website every day.

We strongly recommend you write the content that needs to go into the site because you know your business better. But if you feel you aren't good at writing, you may supply our web design company with the rough ideas so that our copywriters can polish them before uploading. Our web development agency will charge you an extra amount based on the content's length.

Our initial website design and development doesn't include a monthly SEO package. We only include basic SEO features like text, photos, and videos to enable Google to see your website. However, that doesn't mean that your site will appear on Google's first page. You will need to sign up for a separate monthly search engine optimization package to enjoy higher rankings and conversion optimization.

Yes, we do, although WordPress powers around 42% of the world's websites. That means the remaining half of websites run on other platforms. However, it's our preferred content management system because it's easy to use and flexible.

It's the process of sourcing relevant free images your website needs. Our team of web designers in Toronto will require your help finding the most relevant photos, graphics, and vectors to enrich your website. Remember, relevant photos are necessary for enhanced user interface and effective search engine ranking.

Our web development company accepts payments for web design services using Debit cards, Visa cards, MasterCard, checks, Money Order, Cash, and EMT.

You start your website design journey by calling or emailing us. Feel free to give us sufficient details whether your project is new or old, plus any preferred reference websites. We review your details and schedule a call to discuss your project further before commencing.

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