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The ancients accurately said that a smooth sea never made a good sailor. The unending battle for customers is a make-or-break game every realtor should enjoy playing. It's the only way to survive and thrive in your highly competitive, rewarding real estate business.
Since the battle has gone online, marketing technology provides tools to empower you for success. Real estate SEO is just one of those tools that shouldn't miss in your toolbox.
But how do you successfully use this tool to your competitive advantage? Our guide shares little secrets for implementing successful real estate SEO campaigns. Stay onboard to learn more and claim your deserved search engine optimization share for real estate benefits.

Closing Remarks on Real Estate SEO

There you go, with everything you need to know about executing a successful real estate SEO campaign. You are abreast of its benefits and how you can harness real estate SEO.
What are you waiting for? The power is not in the knowledge by the applying these insights to generate leads, win referral traffic, appear more in local searches, and ultimately, win more local business for your real estate agency. See you at the top of real estate SEO in 2022!

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Top 5 Reasons to Implement Real Estate SEO

Real estate SEO and increased search engine visibility

Understanding the big “why” should always inform all your moves in any SEO marketing effort. So, let’s start with the first things before discussing real estate SEO implementation. Here are some valuable stats on Google searches to inspire your real estate SEO endeavors before looking at our five big reasons.

  • 44% of home buyers search for properties online before taking any other move.
  • 55% of online searches click on the first three websites on Google's search results.
  • Real estate queries on google have grown over 20% every year since 2008.
  • 70% of home buyers search for properties online based on specific locations.

Looking simply at these figures reveals that SEO lies at every online-initiated purchase or lead’s heart. These stats should inspire you to do everything possible to rank higher in local searches because real estate’s predominantly local.

Increased traffic and revenues for real estate agents

All online-generated revenues start with traffic search engine results produce. Thus, you can’t generate any online income if you are invisible in search engines. Boosting your SEO means more searchers will find your offers and services. Eventually, they’ll more likely give you real estate business if other factors like superior services, friendly services, and user-friendliness outdo your competitors in the real industry.

Boost your leadership and authority as a real estate agent

Did you know that most searchers automatically trust and view highly authoritative sites appearing top in SERPs? Yes, gaining a slot in these search results portrays you as a leading industry expert and authority. Therefore, taking time to build your authority and leadership eventually rewards you.

Increased lead generation

Generating leads is every realtor’s dream because lead generation transforms website visitors into paying buyers. Investing time to develop your conversion points like newsletters, contact forms, and local data-driven research pays long-term dividends.

Boost brand awareness

Implementing your SEO efforts without taking shortcuts gradually builds your brand awareness. For instance, offering your readers quality content that answers their questions when they visit your real estate website increases your brand awareness. Visitors are most likely to become paying clients when they trust a brand than when they don't.

Optimize your listings

Executing successful real estate SEO strategy also boosts your real estate listings by optimizing them. After correctly optimizing your listings for search engines, you'll most likely get valuable views from interested buyers, not mere searchers. That means you're closer to a serious buyer than when your listings aren't optimized for search engine rankings.

13 Giant Steps to Succeed in Real Estate SEO

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