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Are you struggling to get new patients or maintain old ones? Is cutthroat competition choking your dental practice, and you don't know how to withstand it? If it's, don't worry because you aren't alone, and we have a sure way out.
We understand that dental practice and dental services largely depend on local prospects and customers to survive. But how accurately have you positioned and prepared your dental services to survive and thrive? This guide shows you a tool you can optimize your dental website to survive and outlast stiff competition—local SEO for dentists. You will learn:

  • What local SEO for dentists is
  • The benefits of dental SEO
  • 17 strategies for successful dental SEO
  • How to run a successful dental SEO campaign for your dental practice

What is Local Dental SEO?

Local SEO for dentists

Let's start by defining local SEO for dentists. Local dental SEO for the dental industry is the practice of leveraging SEO best practices to make your dental website more visible in search engines. Dental SEO uses different strategies to distinguish your business's and target audience's specific location.
It's worth noting that research tells us about 46% of all Google searches focus on local information. That means that about half of all old or new patients seeking dental help search the Net to find a local dentist. So, you either go local and enjoy higher visibility in search engine results pages, or you will soon go out of business.

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How Local Dental SEO for Dentists Benefits You

Let's handle the most important part of local dental SEO marketing— its benefits. Your dental SEO strategy is meaningless if it can't produce tangible benefits that give you higher visibility in search engines. Here are seven ways local dental practice SEO benefits your business.

You remain abreast of technology

It's now official that Google killed and replaced the traditional Yellow Pages. Therefore, remaining on these pages is suicidal to your business. It makes your dental practice like the proverbial ignorant tick that keeps sucking blood from a dead cow! Why should you remain with an outdated tool while your competitors enjoy the latest tech to boost their appearance in search engine result pages?

More patients use their mobile devices to search for and find local dentists in search engines. These stats should inspire you to embrace search engine optimization for local dentistry:

  • 72% of consumers doing local searches visit stores within five miles.
  • 71% of people look up and confirm a business's location before going to it for the first time. (Hubspot)
  • 78% of local searchers on mobile devices produce offline purchases.
  • 20% of search queries focus on local businesses.
  • 40% of mobile searches target local enterprises.
  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.
  • 52% of users browse general health information websites for research.
  • 77% of online health queries begin on search engines.
  • 48% of patients utilize branded terms to complete their searches in search engines.

Can you see the trends? Embracing local SEO places you abreast of the game, winning you more patients.

More traffic for your dental practice

Local dental SEO for your dental practice gives you favorable rankings in search engines. In turn, Google and other search engines reward you with more traffic, which you can easily convert into new patients .

Fast results for your dental practice

Mostly, a successful dental SEO strategy can take some six to twelve months to give you favorable rankings on Google's first page. However, a local SEO marketing campaign takes a shorter period to enjoy the same results because you compete against fewer businesses. If you execute your dental SEO campaign well, you might get to Google's first page in about one to three months.

Enhanced visibility in search results

The ancients said that anything “out of sight is out of mind.” Likewise, your local target customers won't have you in mind unless you're visible to them in search results. Only an elaborate and accurately implemented local dental SEO program can enhance your visibility in a search engine results page.

You outshine and outperform your local competitors

It is not enough to survive the competition. You also need to thrive and make profits by outshining other sites. Investing sufficiently in dental SEO marketing enables you to outshine and outperform your competitors by winning more patients than them.

Increased qualified leads

Conducting a successful dental SEO campaign also enables you to harvest qualified leads from search engine results. You don’t just need visitors who browse your dental website without any serious intention of new patients. Getting qualified leads is a step closer to closing a sale.

More revenues

Lastly and most critically, an effective local search engine optimization for your dental business generates more revenues. Or what more would a dentist crave to remain in a profitable business besides generating more revenues?

FAQs on Dental Practice SEO

Do you still have more burning questions on local dental SEO? Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about various issues surrounding dental practice SEO.

Yes. Finding and retaining new patient is local dental SEO's primary goal. As long as you invest sufficient resources and remain patient to see results, you will definitely win new patients.

You need to invest at least $1,000 to $10,000 monthly to run a successful dental SEO campaign that produces satisfactory results in various search engines. Anyone convincing you that you can succeed with a $250 monthly budget when your competitors spend $2,500 is lying to you.

Dental SEO results take a shorter time to realize than regional, national, or international results. Averagely, you need one to three months if your local area has mild competition. But if your city has stiff competition, it would pay to wait for four to six months. Fortunately, dental SEO is not a sprint but a marathon yielding long-term dividends.

Only two people “guarantee” dentsits that their dental websites will appear on Google's first page—scammers and rookies. An honest service provider only promises a dental practice owner long-term results that earn you leads, more traffic, and convert website visitors into new patients. The reason is that appearing on Google's front page is outside any SEO expert's power.

Yes, it is. Local dentistry SEO sharpens your competitive edge and gives you what every business craves to remain in business—repeat and new patients.

We're sorry to tell you that a lot of bad stuff gradually happens when you stop investing in dental practice SEO. Blocking the channels that increase your online visibility in search engines, traffic, and revenues means you will gradually lose all these benefits! It's like taking a fish out of water; it will start dying slowly because it lacks the right environment for life.

Our dental SEO company can assist you with search engine optimization even if you practice in multiple locations. Don't forget to take advantage of our local and regional dental SEO services to rank higher in search results.

While we saw that blogging is a critical ranking criterion in search engines, you aren't obligated to be a blogger or a good writer to maintain a vibrant blogging presence. You can delegate your dental practice's website to a full-time expert to run it while focusing on your dental practice.

You don't want to lose any of these blogging benefits just because you are busy with your dental service. Delegating this function will ensure you continue adding value to your dental practice's website, giving your patients insights on how you operate, and enjoying trust. Yes, you should maintain a vibrant blog section on your website.

17 Strategies to Accelerate Your Local Dental SEO Presence

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