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When this trendy E-Bike store needed an epic marketing plan, we delivered.

When this trendy E-Bike store needed an epic marketing plan, we delivered. - 2Marketing SEO & Web Design

How we helped within a year

Even when you have a budget, starting a new business is tough. When Epic Cycles wanted to offer Canadians an online marketplace for electric bikes, parts, and accessories, they came to us to build their e-commerce store and spread the news.

100k / month

We helped them reach 100k in sales per month

Ranked No. 1

They took the #1 spot in critical industry search keywords

B2B portal

We developed a distributor portal so they can now sell B2B

What they needed?

When they started their operation in Canada, they had no idea how to approach their entire marketing scope. They needed a website built fast so they could start selling to their desired market: The e-bike crowd.

  • A high conversion e-commerce site
  • A well-thought out SEO and marketing strategy that was simple to execute
Solutions We Implemented

Solutions We Implemented

The Website

You can’t have an e-commerce business without a great website, right? We managed to build their bike store to be simple and customer-centric, but also flaunt their great prices and unmatched customer service.

Content Marketing

E-Bikes are a pretty niche market. And when something is niche, it has a passionate following. You can’t rely on SEO alone to sell your brand; you have to create a community around great content.

Epic’s helpful blogs and video reviews on all sorts of bikes have really set them apart in the market which has made a great impact on their traffic.

SEO & Advertising

Once Epic’s platform to peddle their pedals was ready, it was time to get the word out. With a combination of white hat SEO strategies and paid ads, we were able to gain a great foothold in the search market within 2 months. And then, the sales rolled in!

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