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When this B2B MedSpa supplier wanted exponential growth, we showed SEO who’s boss.

When this B2B MedSpa supplier wanted exponential growth, we showed SEO who’s boss. - 2Marketing SEO & Web Design

How to Revolutionize Your Company

Sometimes, even the most promising companies find themselves struggling to be seen. SEO isn’t child’s play. When SharpLight’s search engine results were struggling and nothing they tried made a difference, they came to us for guidance. What happened next changed everything.

Exponential Growth in B2B Traffic

From 29 to over 2000 visits a month

Top of the SERP

They skyrocketed to the top in many critical industry search keywords

B2B Website Redesign

SEO optimized and user-centered

Solutions We Implemented

When SharpLight first launched, they hired a company to build their website and optimize their SEO. But in the wrong hands, SEO can hurt more than it helps. We spent a year rebuilding the fragmented attempt others had made, and the results were well worth waiting for.

The Website

As a B2B sales company, SharpLight’s website needed to be visually appealing. But sometimes, with a website, what you can’t see equally as important as what you can see. We showcased their products and customer services beautifully, but building their new site using a powerful SEO strategy was the real game changer.

The Bigger (SEO) Picture

When the website was ready to launch, we wanted to make sure their message was the louder than anything else online. A long term project saw long awaited success as SharpLight moved up the SERP and their products moved into more and more MedSpas.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Cleaning up a mess takes more time than preventing one. SharpLight had spent years working with bad strategies, so we invested in a long term approach to make sure we left no stone unturned as we restructured. At 2M, we aren’t here for the quick fix. We’ll be beside you for as long as it takes to make sure your brand reaches its full potential.

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