Case study

Canada Medlaser

When this floundering MedSpa needed a new strategy,
 we executed.

How we helped within a year.

Canada MedSpa knew they were offering the best services in the city. Unfortunately, no one else did.
Discouraged by the poor workmanship of other marketing firms, they were hesitant to spend money on another strategy. 

However, one last effort paid off in spades.

Ranked No. 1

They took the #1 spot in critical industry search keywords


They opened 4 new locations across the GTA

What they  needed:

Canada MedLaser did everything right. What they didn’t know was how to share it with their customers. They outsourced the SEO, but other companies turned strategies into chaos. Fortunately, 2M is good at cleaning up other people’s messes.

  • We spent months cleaning up bad backlinks and other sources that were killing their SEO
  • We created a killer content marketing strategy that pushed them to Number 1 in many of their industry’s critical search keywords.
seo case study

TheSolution we implemented

we implemented


The Content

Based on customer personas and plenty of research, we build a strategy to generate content that customers (and Google) loved. We created new URLs, developed engaging ads, and wrote expert-level blogs and articles. When everyone could FIND Canada MedLaser online, the sales naturally rolled in.

SEO Case Study
Off-Page SEO

Inevitable Growth

After 2M helped Canada MedLaser dominate local SEO and turned them into industry leaders through content marketing, their business exploded. It wasn’t long before they needed to open another location. Then another. And then 2 more after that! The sky’s the limit for Canada MedLaser.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Having a great product and being able to tell your city about it are two different things. We hired a number of marketing agencies before 2M. We were promised SEO strategies but they didn’t deliver and left us in a mess. But we decided to try one more time. 2Marketing knocked it out of the park. It was a long process, but eventually, we saw the fruits of their hard work. We grew from 1 location to 5 and sales have never been better. We’re thankful for your great work, 2Marketing!

Oleg C.
Canada MedLaser

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