How to Find the Best SEO Reseller in Toronto

SEO Reseller Toronto

SEO Reseller in Toronto

SEO Reselling or White Label SEO (sometimes called Private Label SEO) is when a marketing company hires an outside firm to manage the SEO (search engine optimization) aspects of their marketing services.

For example, if you open a company called Toronto’s Best Marketing Agency, you may want to offer your clients services such as advertising design, publicity services, and social media management. If you also want to offer SEO services but don’t know much about it (or don’t have a team that does), you can hire a white label SEO service to manage that portion of your business.

Thinking of Using a White Label SEO Service? Read This!

What Businesses Offer White Label SEO?

Typically, white-label service providers are marketing firms that have the bandwidth to handle more customer accounts and have the experience to confidently manage them on behalf of other marketing companies.

Businesses like 2Marketing offer white label SEO because we know it can be very difficult to handle SEO, especially if you are a newer company. Using a private label can be a great way to get ahead and offer new services without taking on the overhead or stress of managing the SEO yourself.

Should I Learn SEO Myself?

Yes! Of course, you should learn about SEO, especially if you’re considering outsourcing it to a white label provider. It’s important to know at least the basics if you can! This will help you in client calls and when trying to close with a new client.

But if you want to offer services today, you might not have to learn everything! Instead, you just want to get a handle on the basics.

Here are some of our favourite free courses for beginners.

If you can get a handle on the basics of SEO, you’ll have a better handle on your own business and know exactly what services you want to offer your clients.

You’ll also likely realize the importance of SEO for business success, and it will definitely highlight what a value-add it is for the businesses you work with.

What To Look For in an SEO Reseller

When you’re deciding which company to work with, it’s really important you don’t take chances. You need to feel absolutely certain you’ll get your clients results. A bad experience with your SEO white label could cost you a lot of business. So make sure you’re making the right choice!

Here are five areas you should pay attention to when choosing an SEO reseller in Toronto or anywhere in the world.

  • Experience
    You don’t want to trust your clients’ accounts with the newest company in town. That doesn’t mean they aren’t talented and knowledgeable about SEO, but they do need to prove themselves first.

    The best way to discover whether they have the experience to meet the needs of your clients is to ask them to see their case studies.

    A case study is a comprehensive report, often in presentation form, of exactly what services they provided to their clients and how it helped improve their SEO performance. KPIs (key performance indicators) might be an improvement in organic traffic, a climb up the search engine results, improved sales metrics, lower bounce rate, improved website session duration, and others.

    Want to see some examples of case studies? You can read ours here!
  • Responsiveness
    In many cases, your SEO reseller is going to speak to your clients on your behalf. They may be answering emails or phone calls for you, and you might even give them access to your client management tools like Slack.

    You want to make sure they’re going to respond in a timely manner, because if they don’t live up to the expectations you’ve set for how your company chooses to communicate with clients, you’re going to run into issues.

    The best way to test their responsiveness is to build a relationship with them. Email, call, reach out through different platforms, and make sure you are comfortable with how they respond to you.
  • Professionalism
    Professionalism is incredibly important because it encompasses so many factors that will contribute to your success. One of the easiest ways to tell if your SEO reseller is going to be a good fit professionally is to consider how they speak to you.

    But there are many other ways to judge professionalism, too.

    Consider the company’s online presence. Do they have a clean, updated website? Does it function well? What type of content are they putting out?

    Are they competent? Do they have clients that can recommend them?

    One other way to tell the professionalism of an SEO company is to get on a video call with them. It’s easy to speak via telephone or through various texting streams, but you learn a lot by meeting with people face to face, even if it is through the internet. You’ll get to see if they can be on time, if they are pleasant to interact with, and if they can speak competently and confidently.

    Remember, these people will likely interact with your clients on a regular basis, so you want to be happy and feel comfortable with how your face to face interactions go.
  • Upfront and Clear Pricing Structure
    The last thing you want is to be unclear about pricing. After all, you’re using the prices of your SEO reseller to determine the prices you’ll charge your clients. So, it’s really important you know exactly how much the company will be charging you, and if there are any hidden fees or things you need to be aware of before you sign on the dotted line.

    Make sure you receive a written quote for the work.
  • Hire a Full-Service Agency, Or Know What Parts You Need to Handle
    In many cases, you’ll work with agencies that have a complete team of SEO specialists ready to help you. This includes (but is not limited to) web designers, graphic designers, funnel builders, writers, and researchers.

    In some cases, the agency will assume you can handle certain tasks on your own. In other cases, you may want your team to take on certain parts of the project.

    Make sure you know exactly what parts of the work your SEO reseller will handle, and what part you’ll be expected to handle if any. It’s possible you may be able to complete some of the work yourself.

    For example, if you have web designers on your team, they may be able to implement the plan an SEO company lays out for you. If you have writers on your team, they may be able to write SEO optimized blogs using keyword research provided by your reseller.

    There’s no one way that’s right or wrong. You just need to be very clear about the expectation.

How To Find the Best SEO Reseller in Toronto

If you’re specifically searching for an SEO white-label service in Toronto, one very important skill the agency should have is local SEO experience. Most agencies will be familiar with local SEO principles, but understanding the deep intricacies of local SEO of an individual city is a skill that is very, very valuable, especially if many of your clients are located in your city.

2Marketing is one of Toronto’s best local SEO companies. We’ve proven that by helping Toronto-based local businesses grow exponentially through local SEO tactics.

The best SEO companies know exactly what information to broadcast to the masses, to the whole city, and just to a specific neighbourhood. And the theory isn’t enough. You want proof that your SEO experts know how to grow a Toronto-based audience, or wherever your company happens to be.

Want to learn more about how 2Marketing’s local SEO strategies can help you grow your business? We’d love to show you more! Contact us for a simple, no-obligation consultation. You’ll see how easy it is to increase your bottom line using our convenient white-label service.

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