Top Web Design Trends for Canadian Businesses

web design trends

While some elements of web design are timeless and necessary, certain trends will ebb and flow over time. Whether you’re launching a brand-new website or you want to keep yours up to date, it’s good for all businesses to stay on top of the latest trends.

Not only will this keep your existing customers engaged and active, but it’ll help you attract new ones. Google’s algorithm and SEO criteria are also changing constantly, so certain web design trends help you keep your website fresh and easily ranked.

Read on to learn about some of the top web design trends for Canadian Businesses.


The trend of living a more minimalistic lifestyle has been picking up steam in the last couple of years. People are opting for fewer possessions and simple living spaces, and the same concepts are translating to the web.

A minimalist website uses a limited colour palette and only includes as many visual elements as are necessary to get the message across. Don’t let this style deceive you, though. The lack of elements doesn’t make it an easy design to create. It can actually be harder to create a pleasing aesthetic and balanced website with fewer colours and pieces.

It takes a talented web designer to properly utilize only the necessary things and still make it look amazing. A minimalist style has many benefits, but too much empty white space is just as bad as not enough.


Animations are becoming more popular in web design for a few reasons. First, it’s sometimes more interesting and engaging than a simple photo or image. Animation also tends to do a better job of conveying a more complex idea than a still image.

You can also make your animations interactive. For example, you can set it so that an animation sequence is only triggered when a visitor hovers over the area with their mouse.

Animations create dynamic visuals for all visitors, but they can especially help you appeal to a younger audience still enamoured with cartoons and characters.

Full Page Headers

Done correctly, full-page headers can be absolutely stunning. This is perhaps why they’ve picked up popularity as of late. A full-page header is when a single image or design takes up the entire screen when a visitor lands on your home page.

This is sometimes accompanied by a call to action button or a link to the latest deal or new product. Alternatively, there may be a short and simple line of text or the company’s tagline.

Once your visitor is done admiring the large and captivating image, they simply start scrolling to reveal the rest of your home page. A full-page header must be a simple, high-resolution image that won’t create a feeling of clutter or chaos.

Dark/Light Mode

Also popular on social media platforms, web users love the option to change from light to dark mode, and back again. Traditionally, a website will have a white or light background and black text. Enabling “dark mode” reverses this, with a dark background and white text.

Some simply prefer this look and will use it for its appearance. Others prefer it as it’s not as bright and therefore easier on the eyes. More and more websites are creating the ability to toggle between dark and light modes at will. Many visitors appreciate this as some will use light mode during the day, and dark mode at night when they turn their lights out.

Asymmetrical Layouts

For years, websites have maintained a classic, symmetrical design. Text boxes, images, blog posts, etc. are all perfectly aligned as you scroll and navigate the pages.

Recently, though, web designers have been playing with asymmetrical designs and having great success. These looks are still balanced in that they have a natural flow and deliberate design to them. Things like images, blocks of text, and other design elements are misaligned on purpose.

This creates a more unique and dynamic experience as one moves through the pages. It’s a small change that looks drastically different on screen – and visitors tend to love it.


As the internet itself ages, so do its original users. While new generations are joining the online world all the time, those from the 80s and 90s still remember how it used to be. Almost every aspect of online activity and behaviour has changed, but people don’t forget.

This has caused a surge of nostalgic design elements to show up on many websites.

For example:

  • Classic/old-school colour schemes like bright/neon shades
  • Old fonts that people remember from classic websites and apps like Myspace or Paint
  • The classic white and pixelated arrow cursor
  • Simple, old-fashioned pop-ups/prompts

While a younger audience may not instantly connect with these things, your older visitors will feel an instant pang of nostalgia. For many, they’ll be more inclined to stick around and enjoy the old imagery, all the while browsing your site and seeing what you have to offer.

Augmented Reality

This one won’t apply to every single type of website, but it’s rapidly becoming popular and even in demand. For businesses that offer physical products such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, etc, this is a must for 2023 and beyond.

Augmented reality adds a real-world element to your website, allowing customers to better visualize how your products look for them personally.

For example, IKEA has a system where customers can use a 3D app to design a room using IKEA furniture. This helps them visualize how certain pieces will look together and if they’ll fit in one room. It also lets them try different arrangements of the same items. Ultimately, this gives customers more confidence in a purchase as they already know it’ll work for them.

Many clothing and jewelry companies are also using this technology. Customers can virtually “try on” an item to see how it’ll look in real life before making a purchase. This also creates more confidence and reduces the number of items that are returned.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Whether you aim to keep a fresh look, make more sales, rank higher, or something else, staying updated on top web design trends is key. From modern aesthetics to easier navigation and better usability, many changes are happening in the world of web design.

This list goes over some of the biggest ones that you may want to implement immediately. If you’re looking for a great web design partner to help you stay relevant and up-to-date, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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