How to Find the Best PPC Agency in Toronto and What You Should Look For?

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How to Find the Best PPC Agency

Finding the best PPC agency for your business is challenging. It’s often complex to decide between the several digital marketing services on the internet. And sometimes, you may pick the wrong one.

But, an excellent PPC (Paid Per Click) campaign offers multiple benefits for your business marketing efforts. This fact has contributed to a consistent increase in PPC advertising spending. Expectedly, Statista projected global search ad spending to reach $191 billion in 2024.

No doubt, PPC is an effective marketing channel. But it’s not magic — it’ll fail if you don’t do it right. That’s why you must let the experts handle it for you.

Now, we’re back to the challenge of finding the right PPC experts. Here, we’ll explore how to find and hire the best PPC agency in Toronto.

Characteristics of a Good PPC Agency – What to Look for

Finding the best PPC agencies will be a cakewalk if you know their defining characteristics. Look for the following qualities to identify the top PPC agencies in Toronto.

Proven Industry Experts

Industry experts have significant experience in the profession and know how to combine their knowledge with current methods to produce results. You can trust them to use the best strategies to achieve your marketing objectives.

These experts have worked with several businesses and audience types before. Through their experiences, they know what works best for different audience groups and how to communicate their intentions.

They’ll then combine this knowledge to develop actionable marketing strategies for your business.

In addition, most industry experts have a reputation to protect. As such, they’ll always give their best to maintain their excellent record and image.

Data-Driven Solutions

Most digital solutions — particularly PPC, rely heavily on data. You must consistently measure your PPC campaign’s effectiveness quantitatively to get a good idea of how much results your investments are yielding.

As such, excellent PPC agencies are data-savvy. They use data to gain insight into the best strategies to achieve their client’s objectives. They also use data to measure the strategy’s effectiveness and pinpoint the aspects that require improvements.

The best PPC agencies understand how important numbers are to their strategies. They also know how to maximize them to achieve the best possible results. Lastly, they have a knack for depicting this advantage on their websites and portfolios.

Detailed and Meticulous Service

Excellent PPC agencies make it a point to cross their Ts and dot their Is. They pay attention to details when analyzing data and creating strategies.

Needless to say, they’ll maintain this attitude towards implementing strategies and helping you achieve your goals. Owing to their meticulousness, they’ll scrutinize all insights concerning your marketing campaign and create comprehensive reports of them.

Top-Notch Keyword Strategy

The common examples of PPC advertising relies heavily on keywords — just like SEO. For example, search ads display in response to specific keywords.

The primary idea behind PPC advertising is you’re paying for every click you get on an ad you create for a specific keyword. The key to maximizing PPC is using the right keyword effectively.

Expert PPC advertisers know this fundamental principle and have mastered it. They know how to do excellent keyword analysis and pick the right ones. Primarily, they’ll help you get the best keywords for your specific marketing objectives

Digital Marketing All-rounders

PPC advertising alone isn’t sufficient to achieve all the marketing results you desire. That means you must have a comprehensive marketing mix and not rely solely on PPC advertising.

The best PPC advertisers know how to combine PPC with other digital marketing avenues. They’ll integrate your ads seamlessly with content, email, and social media advertising.

These PPC advertisers do that because they understand how all digital marketing channels work. That’s why you must consider how well a PPC agency can handle other digital marketing methods.

Focus on the Right Channels

PPC advertising has several facets. It involves display, search, social, multi-channel campaigns, and other digital ad forms. Each ad type has specific advantages and can be the best channel depending on your marketing objectives.

But then, many agencies will attempt to convince you to use only one PPC marketing channel. PPC hero determined that 52% of PPC agencies push their clients to invest in Google ads. That’s a red flag you.

The best PPC agency in Toronto will consider your objectives and determine the best channels to achieve them. They won’t use the same PPC advertising approach for you as they did for others. Instead, they figure out the best marketing strategy and implement it judiciously.

Openness and Transparency

Transparency is part of what to look for in a Toronto PPC agency. Regular business principles dictate you trust anyone your business is getting into a transactional relationship with.

This principle also applies when choosing a PPC agency. You’ll find it easier to work with transparent companies that give you no reasons to distrust them.

You should only consider companies that’ll always keep you and your business team updated about their actions and what they intend to do.

As such, find an agency that’ll clearly communicate every detail to you to help you understand anything they say. And they must be willing to answer all your questions exhaustively.

Excellent Reviews

After examining a company, check what its previous clients say about it. Most companies will only put themselves in a good light — accentuating their positives and hiding their shortcomings.

But you’ll easily determine the two sides of a company by talking to their previous clients. If you can’t reach their previous customers, review their ratings on high-authority review websites like Clutch.

The best PPC agencies will have many positive reviews and scanty negative ones if any.

Where to Find PPC Agencies

There’s no point in memorizing the traits you desire to see in a PPC agency if you don’t know where to find them. You can only examine a company after you discover them.

Consider the following tips when looking for PPC agencies.

  • Google Search for PPC agencies in Toronto. A simple search for “PPC marketing firm Toronto” is sufficient. But it may also bring too many entries, and you’ll need to sift through them to find the right company.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues with experience using PPC agencies for their business needs.
  • Do search on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Check business review websites for recommendations
  • Check online forums and participate in group discussions on digital marketing topics

How to Recognize a Good PPC Agency For your Business

It’s one thing to find a good PPC agency, it’s another to find the best one for your needs.

You shouldn’t just pick the first PPC agency that comes along. Instead, choose the one that fulfills the following parameters.

They Communicate Clearly

You can’t work effectively with advertisers you don’t understand. You must first gauge a company’s communication style in determining if they’re the right fit.

  • Watch out for the agencies that throw buzzwords around in all their correspondence.
  • You should also avoid advertisers that confuse you whenever you converse with them.
  • Don’t do business with anyone who withholds important information from you.

Specifically, ensure all your interactions with them are clear and productive. The more they simplify technical terms for you to grasp, the better.

They Understand Your Business Objectives

A PPC agency can only serve you effectively when they understand what you intend to achieve. Only signup with a company that demonstrates a clear comprehension of your goals.

Admittedly, some marketers may pretend to understand your objectives just to get the job. These fakes often flop along the way and may waste your time and resources. But you can discover their bluff from how they communicate their strategies and implementation plans.

Primarily, if something ticks you off about them, you should probably not do business with them

They are Local Search Experts (Toronto)

A key quality to look for when picking a PPC agency is their proficiency with local search. Local search campaigns are highly effective for increasing brand awareness and sales in a specific location.

You should only work with digital marketing agencies that’ll maximize this opportunity for your business. Since your business is in Toronto, you should look for marketers who know the right keywords and strategies to target Ontario’s local population.

The agency you choose must also be conversant with the local cultural, social and environmental setting. These factors will impact their strategies and implementation plans.

Their Strategies Fit With Your Marketing Mix

A solid digital marketing strategy mixes different advertising channels. PPC is only one of those methods, and it must work smoothly with the others for you to get the best of it.

You can determine if a PPC agency is the right fit by considering how its strategies will consolidate with your existing marketing systems. If their methods conflict or diverge from what you have, they may not be the best choice.

Admittedly, your existing methods may be outdated, and that’s why they can’t work with the PPC agency’s strategies. In such cases, employ the agency to update your websites and digital assets to work with their methods.

Their Fees Are Within Your Budget

You must consider your budget when employing a PPC agency. You shouldn’t hire a company if you can’t afford their fees.

If you can’t determine how much you should spend, Google recommends a budget of $10-$50 on PPC per day for beginners. You should consider that while creating a budget for PPC advertising.

Questions to Ask Before Signing With a PPC Agency

Questions help you evaluate a PPC agency’s potential. You’ll get a clear picture of their expertise level, methods, and what you can expect from them through the following questions.


Questions in this category examine which marketing channel the organization prioritizes and how they implement their strategies. It looks at how they zero in and go after an objective.

You may ask questions like

  • Do you do hands-on PPC campaign management?
  • How many reps do you have managing campaigns for your clients?
  • Do you provide other digital marketing services?
  • What’s the ratio of your workers managing PPC campaigns to those managing other marketing channels?


You also want to check if the organization has any industry, niche, or sector they specialize in. You may ask questions like:

  • Does your agency specialize in any particular business niche?
  • Do you have anyone with PPC experience in a specific industry?

We advise addressing your business niche in the questions. For example, if you offer tour guide services, you should ask questions like

  • Do you have anyone with PPC or general marketing experience in the travel/tour guide industry?

Proof of Success

Here, you want to know how the organization determines and measures success. You can ask them:

  • What metrics do you use to define a successful campaign?
  • How do you determine when a campaign is working and failing?
  • How will you translate your success definitions to my PPC goals?
  • How do you plan to collaborate with me to refine and achieve my objectives with PPC advertising?

Choose a Good PPC Agency

You shouldn’t have a problem finding the right PPC agency for your business in Toronto. You’ll likely come across several PPC agencies posing as the best during your search.

Look out for the characteristics discussed, ask questions, and check with people to get third-party opinions. Your marketing efforts will be in safe hands with the right PPC agency.

That’s what we offer at 2Marketing — a PPC agency that listens to its clients while providing ethical, affordable and fully transparent SEO Services in Canada and USA.

Book a consultation session and discuss personalized strategies to grow your business and increase awareness through PPC.

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