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Toronto is home to the most competitive market in Canada with a number of reputable home builders and residential contractors. The best way to stand apart from the competitive market is to build an online marketing strategy that will enable you to engage with your customers to become, not only a renowned business, but a source of information in the industry. With a strong and unique digital marketing strategy, you can lead the industry and reach even more customers.

When it comes to your digital presence, your customer’s first point of call would be your website. If a customer is already familiar with your home building company, they would simply type your website into the search bar to find out more information about the services you provide. But how do you reach potential customers who are unfamiliar with your services and are actively searching for a home builder in Toronto? The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy that allows your website to be easily searched across all search engine platforms, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The strategy includes optimizing your site from the back and front end to work within the guidelines of each search engine platform for higher ranker. The higher you are ranked, the easier it is for your audience to see you.

Making an investment into an SEO expert will organically drive traffic to your business, saving you a lot of time and money. Working with a dedicated SEO expert means your business can build brand awareness whilst delivering high-quality, relevant content that they are looking for. As your website will be continuously filtered through by crawlers, you will want to ensure that your site is working within the appropriate guidelines to stay highly ranked.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

The SEO marketing strategy is a process that optimizes the content of your website to organically drive traffic to your web pages through the use of search engine platforms such as Google. The strategy looks at implementing the correct information into the technical, back end of your website such as the URL, meta-descriptions and images as well as the front end, which is what your customer sees. Once the strategy has been executed throughout the site, search engine crawlers also known as bots, will filter through your content and collect information to store into an index which helps to rank you accordingly.

The technical or back-end side of your SEO oversees the web design, page speed and overall maintenance which allows you to better analyze metrics that have been measured, such as the speed of your web pages or your web page rankings across the different search engines platforms. With search engine crawlers collecting information from your site, the data collected will allow you to make informed decisions when making changes to your website for it to perform and align better with the search engine guidelines.

The front end of your SEO is the information on your website’s web pages that the customer will see, such as blogs, images and descriptions. This is an opportunity to deliver high-quality, useful information with keywords and images for bots to include in their index for higher ranking on search engine platforms for the local Toronto area. The more relevant your content is, the better chance you will have at being seen by your audience.

What services are included in SEO?


  •   Consulting
  •   Audits
  •   Web/UX/UI design
  •   SEO fixing, web page speed etc.
  •   Website Maintenance
  •   Conversion Optimizing
  •   Paid per click ads
  •   Link building
  •   Tracking / Reporting
  •   Local (maps, GMB)


  •   Keywords
  •   Copywriting
  •   Videos
  •   Images
  •   Descriptions

How does SEO Marketing help your home builder business in Toronto?

Toronto is a growing city with a high number of homeowners who need to rejuvenate their homes. With many of them using search engines as a primary resource, investing into your SEO marketing strategy will only put your business directly in the face of your audience.

When you optimize your site to work within the search engine guidelines, you will automatically target your local audience as they search for services that you may offer on their chosen search engine platform. The aim is to appear on the first page within the top 3, non-sponsored, businesses. To achieve this, you must continue to consistently populate your web page content with keywords. An example of this would be when someone types in a search such as “home builder in Toronto” or “home renovation company” into their search engine.

Why does your home builder business need an SEO expert?

As an expert in home building, your main goal is to deliver the needs of your client. With an SEO expert, you can consistently communicate with your audience by delivering them information that will convert them into your client, organically. Your home builder business will stand out from a highly saturated market as you rank higher on the search engine platforms, making you even more reputable and trustworthy as a company. The investment of your SEO will bring your brand awareness and familiarity amongst homeowners and even realtors.

The SEO expert will work within the guidelines of each search engine platform to ensure your uploaded content is combed through by the crawlers and included into the index. Outsourcing specialists in both technical and content SEO will save you a lot of time and money that can be better dedicated to your business and bring you a higher return on investment.

How much does SEO marketing cost in Toronto?

With Toronto being the country’s hotspot for marketing agencies, you will want to find an expert who has a large amount of experience in the construction industry. Hiring an expert for your SEO can bring in a large number of clients, especially in Toronto where there is a growing need for homeowners to renovate and sell their homes. The implementation and optimization of your website will make you a reliable business in your industry as your audience becomes more familiar with your brand.

An SEO specialist in Toronto can cost anywhere from $150 to $300 an hour or up to $5000 a month, depending on the services you are looking for. You may even work on a month-to-month basis, starting anywhere from $200. Of course, you will want to make sure that the SEO expert will have both technical and content experience to populate your website accordingly. 

Whether you are looking to increase the volume of your client base, exceed the rankings of your search engine presence or bring brand awareness to the construction industry in Toronto, making an investment into your SEO can help to organically achieve that. We at 2marketing invest in helping you build a digital marketing strategy that will separate you from the market and bring in an extraordinary difference to your business. 

Speak to one of our advisors at 2Marketing to find out how our experts in SEO can implement the right strategies for your home builder business.

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