Most businesses need a website in order to extend their market reach and achieve their goals for sales and revenue growth. Creating a website is not enough because you need to make sure that your website shows up in major search engines. Search engine optimization boosts your site visibility so that your target market and potential customers could find your website when they search for related niches and industries. Basic SEO tips help you come up with a quality website as an effective marketing tool for your business.


5 Fundamental SEO Tips for Beginners


  1. Do a Comprehensive Keyword Research

The best way to identify the keywords that you should use in your website is to use various online keyword tools. You can find free or premium tools where you can search for quality keywords that suit your target market. Do not merely guess the keywords that could optimize your website because SEO keyword tools give you better results and choices.

  1. Optimize Link Authority in your Homepage

Your homepage is practically your landing page where online visitors would first go to when they visit your site. Avoid making your visitors go back to your homepage through placing links that would direct them to other important pages. Link to pages that are useful and relevant to your site visitors such as the glossary of terms page, frequently asked questions page, primary product page, and the likes. Make the homepage your elevator pitch, allowing you to promote other pages during the first 118 seconds of visiting your website.

  1. Modify the Graphics Size

Modify the resolution and size of the graphics on your website and upload them again in order to improve your site’s loading speed. Merely reducing the height and width attributes of the graphic does not affect the loading speed but just the cosmetic aspects of the graphics.

  1. Avoid Excessive Title Tag Repetition

Use original and quality terms in your heading and title tag and avoid repeating the same exact terms because it will not help in your search engine ranking. You can include the name of the company on every page but it should be at the end of the title tag, specifically on the far left side. Title tags are useful when search engines look for URLs to rank your website.

  1. Focus on your Content

Retaining your visitor is the challenging part of creating and optimizing your website for your search engine ranking. How do you make visitors come back to your website in the future? Work on the quality of your contents so that your target audience would return to your site for future reference. Keep your contents fresh, informative, and unique and do this on a regular basis.

Helpful SEO tips for beginners are quite simple and easy but they have crucial effects on how your website would perform in the search engine ranking. Follow the basic SEO steps because they are your building blocks in creating a professionally designed and SEO-friendly website for your business.